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Posted on: May 3, 2008 11:45 pm

Does everyone really hate Kyle Busch?

The kid is a hard racer and does what it takes to win. He doesnt crash anyone on purpose, maybe from be a little over aggressive at times and not understanding what the outcome will be. A certain NASCAR driver earned everyones respect driving that way and went on to win 7 NASCAR championships. No one bitches about him, give Kyle a break, he will go down in NASCAR history as one of the greatest drivers EVER!!!!
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Posted on: May 3, 2008 11:27 am


   So here we are, race ten allready. Its been pretty dissapointing for me so far this year. What has happened to hendrick Motor Sports? Do they still have a team in the Sprint Cup? JR has been doing pretty good be with NO wins and Jimmy is the only one to cross the finish line before anyone else in a particular race. My favorite driver of this bunch looks lost this year. He dominated in this COT as they called it last year. Now the car of today looks like something Gordon has never driven before. I sat and watched qualifying Friday night because Jeff LOVES Richmond and I figured he would win the pole or be in the front row but he ended up 28th. I just dont understand what is going on.
   Sorensen, Ragan, Carpentier, Blaney, Allmendinger, Reagan Smith and of all people Waltrip are starting in front of Gordon tonight. Are you kidding me? I should have brought my Chevy Silverado down there are gave her a try, I might have qualified before Jeff. I just cant understand how you can go from a leading contender every year and nothing changes in the offseason to someone who looks like its their first year.
   Does anyone have a good explanation? Other than he sucks? Because I allready know that.
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